Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Small Business VoIP

In today’s modern tech world the Internet opened up new ways of communication, with VoIP wholesale gaining huge popularity among both small and large businesses. In fact, VoIP technology has multiple benefits over traditional, hard-line phone systems, and its statistics are really impressive. According to the report of FCC, the use of VoIP increased 21%, to over 30 million VoIP subscribers in the USA alone. Nowadays many small businesses are making the switch over to VoIP business telephone systems, as there are plenty of advantages to using this service. Such features, as voice-mail, toll free numbers, remote operation and many more can increase your business communication efficiency.

Small business VoIP service

Small business VoIP mainly works with a hosted PBX model. In fact, the PBX is hosted at the facilities of the small business VoIP providers. Since small businesses are hosting the PBX at the provider's location, they don't need to spend a huge sum of money and resources on expensive PBX hardware, software, and maintenance. Thus, a small business VoIP service offers a cost-effective, easy-to-use, full-featured communications solution for your business.

Small business VoIP solutions

Nowadays different companies offer a wide range of small business VoIP solutions, which can benefit small businesses in a variety of ways. Small businesses usually benefit from inherent flexibility that offers VoIP. VoIP solutions generally give small businesses more freedom to configure the service the way they want based upon their needs. Small business VoIP benefits also include:
  • Significantly less expensive phone service than traditional telephone system
  • A small business VoIP telephone system is geared towards small businesses
  • Scalable plans for small businesses that have the potential to grow
  • Most small business VoIP providers usually offer no contract plans

Small business VoIP providers.Voicebuy- a reputable international business VoIP provider

Today the market is full of small business VoIP providers that offer phone systems with amazing features and functionality at cheap prices. These companies mainly support multi-line phone systems, small PBX gateways, as well as hosted VoIP. You are free to choose the best VoIP provider from the many service providers that serve small business. Voicebuy is one of the best VoIP providers in the market, it offers complete and flexible solutions to improve your business communication. Voicebuy business VoIP solutions offer novel approaches to ensure a better run communication both for large and small businesses. VoIP wholesale services offered by Voicebuy are the most affordable means to maintain efficient communication and help you increase your work productivity. Voicebuy delivers a wide variety of converged VoIP services to combine and simplify business communication tools. With advanced functionality and sophisticated VoIP features like PBX, call forwarding and many more, VoIP wholesale serves to meet your business needs.

Regardless of your business size Voicebuy wholesale VoIP provider is ready to help you improve your business communication efficiency. Register for free and check out all the advantages you can get using Voicebuy small business VoIP service.

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