Friday, July 11, 2014

Travel with VoIP by land, by sea, or by air

Today, more and more people prefer VoIP to traditional telephone system. It is gaining popularity very quickly, the evidence of it is the fact that the number of VoIP users is growing tremendously day by day. In fact, VoIP is becoming very essential in our life, making it more comfortable and interesting. What is VoIP? Let’s answer this question especially for those who are still not aware of it. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology which gives you the opportunity of making telephone calls using the Internet. Alon Chen and Lior Haramaty. Do these names seem familiar to you? These are the names of people who invented and patented the first Voice over IP audio transceiver in 1989 and due to their precious invention today we have the opportunity of making cheap calls and save a lot of money. VoIP technology industry is developing so quickly that nowadays you can enjoy VoIP affordable offers and diverse features, even while travelling by land, by sea or by air.

VoIP for travel by land

There is good news for those VoIP users who like to use it on the entire road with them: the automotive industry is moving to add VoIP as an option on the next car you purchase. A few brands such as Honda, Chrysler, Subaru and Porsche have already started to develop and install built-in VoIP technology which can sync up with the driver’s smartphone, when he is on the road. If you prefer to travel on land and on budget, nowadays Wi-Fi is becoming available in more and more public transportation systems.

VoIP for travel by air

VoIP is becoming so popular day by day that nowadays it is already moving to the skies.  The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration made a decision of allowing passenger use of portable electronic devices during all stages of flight. The FAA also made an announcement that, if an air carrier provides Wi-Fi services, passengers may use those services in-flight. Wi-Fi is now available on many major airlines – including United, Alaska, American, Southwest, Delta, and JetBlue. Although, in fact, no voice communications  are permitted in-flight under current FCC regulations, don’t become upset, if you need  VoIP services so much, you still have an option,  it is your own private jet. Rockwell Collins, which is a leader in avionics and information technology, is currently cooperating with ARINC, a provider of communications, integration and engineering solutions, the aim of this cooperation is to provide business jet owners with high-speed internet connectivity. If you use ARINC's Skylink satellite system, passengers and crew onboard private flights can use VoIP services on Wi-Fi enabled smartphones in the cabin.

VoIP for travel by sea

If you prefer travelling by sea to travelling by air, you can still make your calls with VoIP. Recently, yacht industry has migrated from old-school PBX to VoIP systems and the voice server and phones are connected to a vessel's IP network rather than a separate dedicated telephony network.
 Great Circle Systems is a unified yacht telephony provider, which allows crew members and guests to handle all voice communications on the device of their choice - laptop, mobile phone, desktop phone, or wireless phone, using wired and wireless network connections. a leading provider of wholesale VoIP termination services

If you prefer high quality VoIP services, no matter whether you travel by air, by sea or by land, then is the best choice for you, as it  is a leading VoIP wholesale provider and offers services both to small and medium-sized VoIP providers, also to call shops, corporate customers and VoIP resellers as well.
As you can see, today VoIP services are becoming inseparable parts of our life, thus considerable efforts are made to make it available anywhere. So, whether you prefer to travel by land, by sea or by air, you can always use VoIP services and enjoy the benefits it offers.

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