Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why businesses prefer VoIP to landline phones ?

Today businesses seek for cheaper and more flexible options of communication that can help them keep monthly communication costs low and increase productivity. Lots of companies stop their choice on small business VoIP phone systems that serve as a cheaper alternative to ordinary landline phones.

Lots of companies tend to leave fixed landline telephone services giving preference to VoIP communications since they consider the wide array of benefits VoIP can offer for their business.

Business VoIP system benefits

Reduced costs 

Nowadays landlines are no longer used as a primary phone for many businesses since using these services may be quite expensive. In order to eliminate communication costs and get cheaper rates for local and international calls, companies find it more reliable to move business communications into a VoIP based network.

With business VoIP systems costs are reduced not only for communications, but for the equipment as well. Business VoIP phone system is indeed very easy and cheap to use since there is no need for heavy and expensive hardware. Technical problems occurring along the way are solved by the provider making the system management less effort-consuming.

Enhanced mobility
VoIP mobility solutions come in handy for businesses helping to keep communications mobile. Allowing employees to place calls from any remote location VoIP enhances mobility for any enterprise streamlining communications and increasing workforce productivity. For all businesses who own multiple offices and support remote working, it may be shrewd to consider hosted PBX solutions that can link all employees into a single network regardless of their physical location.

Advanced calling features 

Talking about business VoIP phone advantages over traditional landline phones that drive businesses into VoIP adoption, advanced calling features should in no case be overlooked. Business VoIP phone systems support an extensive set of calling features and call management capabilities. VoIP is an easy-to-manage and cost-effective communication solution with lots of great features that make business communications more effective.

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