Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The value of SIP trunking for your business

SIP trunking is one of the breakthroughs of VoIP technology that is turning into a valuable tool of communication for more and more enterprises. SIP trunking greatly simplifies the management of communication network and uses VoIP technology to link company’s PBX to the Internet telephony service provider. The most exciting thing about owning such kind of phone system is its scalability and the ability to perform in multiple locations.

SIP trunking benefits

SIP trunking is a cost-efficient option of communication. SIP uses your existing PBX and IP infrastructure, thus requiring minimum equipment to purchase. Here come savings not only for hardware but also for voice communications which become incredibly cheaper. With SIP trunking calls travel over the Internet turning international calls into local ones, that is providing long-distance calls at the cost of local ones.

The convergence of voice and data plans is another money-saving advantage that comes with SIP based infrastructure. Unifying voice and data services SIP trunking eliminates the need to purchase two different plans as a result of which enterprises may save more paying for one, rather than for two plans.

SIP is a highly scalable phone system that can easily expand business communications beyond office desks. SIP ensures stable performance in multiple environments simultaneously and keeps connected employees from different locations. SIP trunking is a very flexible solution that can effectively be used to streamline communications.

SIP trunking is a  viable option to maximize your business communication effectiveness and enjoy big reduction on monthly phone bills.  Voicebuy SIP trunking solutions may best fit your business needs and expand your communication network easily, cheaply and effectively.

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