Thursday, December 8, 2011

A-Z Wholesale VoIP Termination

Voicebuy Wholesale VoIP Provider provides its customers with the best A-Z Wholesale VoIP services worldwide available at competitive rates. By providing low-rate VoIP termination, we strengthen our position on the world market, broadening our geographical scope and getting more customers with each passing day.

Voicebuy offers Standard and Premium quality routing plans. We suggest our customers using the Standard product, in case they have the least cost routing features integrated in their switching system, while our Premium routing plans: Premium and Premium Plus, ensure excellent VoIP route quality at the lowest possible rates.

We guarantee CLI, DTMF delivery and T38 FAX support for 90 % of destinations.

During the registration the customer is free to choose the authorization type:
  • By inserting a static real IP address
  • Or by using the automatically generated username and password for SIP registration.
Upon registration customers gain total control of their VoIP account settings, which means they can add, edit and delete source IP addresses and change the username and the password for SIP registration.

Note, that during registration you should choose the VoIP route from our products list. They can choose among Standard and Premium routes. Also you can choose Voicebuy MIX product which will allow you to use all of the routes simultaneously.

Our customers are provided with full reporting opportunities. They can both view and download online CDRs for the last 3 months in a CSV file. Monthly detailed invoices are also available to view and download in a PDF file.


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